We Are Here to Deliver The Top Level of Care

About Our Hospital

Kenak Medika General Hospital was constructed in the heart of the Ubud tourist district to offer all locals, domestic and international tourists comprehensive health services. Since 2021, Kenak Medika has operated as a clinic at Raya Mas street in Ubud intending to improve the community's overall health. A dedication to offering healthcare services that can foster a healthier and more productive society led to Kenak Medika's official designation as a general hospital within a year.

Delivering the best service using best practices, primarily:

  • Give patients and their families access to care and treatment alternatives
  • Delivering cutting-edge services at reasonable prices
  • Supported by skilled and knowledgeable medical staff
  • Becoming the preferred hospital for all social segments

The Hospital Vision & Mission

Our goal is to improve the accessibility of healthcare services to all levels of socioeconomic status. We are hopeful that Kenak Medika General Hospital will develop into a hospital providing health services of international standards to realize the vision we create a mission with a qualified medical team, citizen technology, and digital technologies that streamline and hasten the delivery of health services.

Our Advantages

  • Qualified medical team
  • Communicative between the care team and patient
  • International standard of patient safety
  • Insurance and bill
  • Digital imaging center
  • On-site laboratory
  • Digital medical records
  • Cozy hospital ambiance
  • Comfortable and cleanliness
  • Medical check-up center
  • Providing worldwide vacination for travelers
  • Wide & cost-free parking
New Era of Medical Innovation

Our Core Values

Hospital Wards & Rooms

As a private hospital in Ubud, we provide inpatient care with a range of room options based on class. The following is a reference image of our inpatient room that would be customized to meet your preferences and requirements.


  • Patient’s bed
  • Sofa bed for patient’s relatives
  • Smart TV
  • Complimentary mug or tumbler
  • Towel, soap, and shampoo