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Outpatient Department

Kenak Medika Outpatient services are provided to patients who do not require an overnight stay in Kenak Medika. Outpatient services may be provided in various settings, including outpatient clinics, Emergency rooms, on-call/homecare service, and delivery rooms. These services may include consultations with doctors, diagnostic tests, minor medical procedures, and different types of medical care.

Outpatient services can be a convenient and cost-effective alternative to inpatient care. Outpatient services allow patients to receive medical care without the added expense and inconvenience of an overnight stay in a hospital. In addition, outpatient services may be covered by insurance, and patients may be able to schedule appointments at a convenient time.

Kenak Medika outpatient services include:

  • Emergency 24/7 services
  • Delivery room 24/7 services
  • Consultations with certified specialists and general practitioners at our polyclinics
  • Diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, CT scans,
  • Minor medical procedures, such as biopsies or skin lesion removal
  • Lab work, such as blood tests or urine analysis
  • Vaccinations or other preventive care services
  • Prescription medications or other treatment options