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Inpatient Department

An inpatient department, also known as a hospital ward or a hospital unit, is a Kenak Medika's department that provides care for hospitalized patients who require overnight stays. Inpatient departments typically include beds for patients to sleep in and medical equipment and staff to provide care and treatment. Kenak Medika's inpatient department may consist of highly trained doctors, nurses, technicians, and support staff who work together to provide comprehensive medical care to patients.


The following is a list of the advantages Kenak Medika inpatients may experience:

  • Continuous medical and nursing care
  • Inhouse lab tests, radiology, and other diagnostics to accurately diagnose your medical condition
  • Treatment required following surgery, childbirth, or a catastrophic injury
  • Pre-arranged inpatient care for surgery
  • emergency medical assistance for life-threatening situations such as heart attacks and accidental injuries
  • High-quality patient meals with restaurant standards and personalized nutrition assessment
  • Beautiful view of horizon-wide rice fields