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Special Service Units

Operating room

An operating room, also known as an operating theatre or surgery suite, is a specialized room in a Kenak Medika where surgical procedures are performed. Kenak medika Operating rooms are equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by highly trained medical professionals, including surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and other support staff.

Kenak Medika provides the best possible services in the Operating room by ensuring all the requirements and standards are met. Human capital is also a significant component of the Operating Room in Kenak Medika, so All Operating room staff is highly trained and English speaking.

Several cases can be treated in Kenak Medika Operating Room, as follows:

  • General surgery includes appendicitis surgery, hemorrhoids surgery, biopsy, laparotomy, etc.
  • Obstetric and gynecology surgery such as cesarean section, hysterectomy, etc.
  • ENT surgery, such as tonsil removal, sinus irrigation, etc.
  • Orthopedic surgery for broken bones (fractures)
  • And plastic reconstruction surgery for trauma or cosmetics purposes


Intensive Care Unit

Kenak Medika's Intensive Care Unit staff strives to give critically sick patients complete and appropriate care around the clock. In addition, Kenak Medika's Intensive Care Unit offers medical care to various patient populations. Including those who need specialized nursing care and services.

Kenak Medika's Intensive Care Unit is directly supervised by an Anesthesiologist supported by highly trained intensive care nurses to provide the best possible 24/7 care you could find in Ubud.

Standard equipment in Kenak Medika's Intensive Care Unit includes:

  • mechanical ventilators to assist breathing through an endotracheal tube or a tracheostomy tube;
  • cardiac monitors for monitoring Cardiac condition;
  • Equipment for constantly monitoring bodily functions;
  • A web of intravenous lines, feeding tubes, nasogastric tubes, suction pumps, drains, catheters, syringe pumps,
  • and a wide array of drugs to treat hospitalization's primary condition(s).


Hemodialysis Unit

Hemodialysis is a medical treatment used to remove excess waste and fluid from the blood of individuals with kidney failure. It involves using a machine to circulate the patient's blood through an artificial kidney or dialyzer, which filters the blood to remove excess waste and fluid.

During the procedure, a healthcare provider will insert a needle into the patient's vein, usually in the arm, to access the bloodstream. Then, the blood is pumped through a tube to the dialyzer, cleaned, and returned to the patient through another line.

Hemodialysis is typically performed two-three times a week for about three to four hours at a time. It can help control kidney failure symptoms, such as swelling, high blood pressure, and anemia. In addition, it can improve the overall quality of life for individuals with kidney failure.

However, hemodialysis can also have side effects, such as low blood pressure, muscle cramps, and fatigue. In addition, patients may need to follow a strict diet and medication regimen to manage their condition and optimize the effectiveness of the treatment.

The hemodialysis Unit is supervised by Nephrologists and specifically trained hemodialysis nurses. Ensuring the best possible services are received by the patients.

Kenak Medika will provide the best possible services for those who travel and have difficulties finding a hospital for hemodialysis. Kenak Medika offers easy access for your need to get regular dialysis while having a vacation, as follows:

  • modern and English-spoken hospitals
  • top of the line hemodialysis unit
  • experienced nephrologists and hemodialysis nurses
  • wide selection of accommodations and activities from our partners
  • cashless payments through our vast networks of insurance (national and international insurance)