Speciality : Anesthesiologist

Degrees : Specialist

Areas Of Expertise : Anesthesiology and Intensive Cares

Office : Medical Office - Anesthesiology and Intensive Cares

Gender : Male

dr. Gde Candra Yogiswara, Sp.An.


Dr. Gde Candra Yogiswara, Sp.An.  a well-known Anesthesiology.  He finished his study of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy at Udayana University and have experience in Effectiveness of Video Laryngoscopy Compared to Direct Laryngoscopy on Hemodynamic Response and Intracranial Pressure in Neurosurgery Surgery. In addition, he is currently a lecturer at FKIK Warmadewa University.

Dr. Gde Candra Yogiswara, Sp.An. have responsible to the patient from preoperative preparation, during surgery and postoperative care. He is also responsible for determining treatment to prevent and relieve pain for patients, and also he providing emergency treatment including resuscitation measures for critical patients and patients in intensive care.

As an Anesthesiology he strive to improve his skills by participating in several courses like:

  • Indoanesthesia : “A Practical Approach to Postoperative Pain Management : Problem Base Learning Complication” 
  • PERDATIN JAYA : Remifentanil & Enhance Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Protocol of Anesthesia
  • INA-SNACC 15th National Congress of Indonesia Society of Neuroanesthesia & Critical Care JOINT SYMPOSIUM 7th NACC Indonesia – Singapore. SOAC 6th Symposium of Anesthesia Complication
  • 2nd Biennial Neuro ICU Symposium. 2nd Joint Biennial Neuro Symposium Indonesia – Singapore : “Improving Patient Outcome from : Basic To Advance Technology in Neurocritical-Care”
Treatments of dr. Gde Candra Yogiswara, Sp.An.

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